Graduate Collection:

Designed and produced final year textile collection that researched the properties and tolerances of unconventional materials focusing on colour, texture, finish, sourcing, sustainability and materials such as plastic, foam, rope, metals, wood and silicone etc. Developed prototypes using laser cutting, vacuum forming, heat pressing, dying, creating moulds, weave mythologies, metalwork to push innovation and design possibilities. I have developed and produced sample outcomes and prototypes that have ever applied within product design, surface design, footwear design, interactive design, installations, interiors, fashion, trims or accessories. Established skills within, material selection, technical notation, testing and production, digital visualisation as well as primary and secondary research within a process journal. 


Fashion Show Collection:

The annual Glasgow School of Art Fashion Show 2018 my collection was sponsored by Dr. Martens.

Designed a capsule womenswear collection of couture-inspired garments. The collection was sponsored by Dr Martens and featured in fashion-led publications that promoted the event. Designed collection from concept to production, exploring sustainable materials with innovative surface design to complete the design process. Demonstrated my ability to pattern cut, develop silhouettes, source material, construct garments and design complimentary accessory range that quickly sold out during the Fashion show dates. 

Sustainable Padding Project:

Developed a prototype padding structure that can be applied within interiors, fashion and furniture design focusing on sustainability and reducing waste within the design and production process. Demonstrated ability to test and research performance and material properties including linking, bonding, embroidery and weave techniques. Researched sustainability properties of materials, circular economy and application of design within largescale manufacturing.

I wanted to focus on responsible design by repurposing waste materials that are discarded in day-to-day life. I started looking at structures that mimic the appearance of foam and how foam is use it daily life. Wanting to explore how I can reuse discard foam and re-purpose it for and interiors environment.


I collected a range of materials to work with from local companies that would otherwise go to landfill. Ones I accumulated the waste foam, it was important to me to fully explore the different avenues of how to reduce them in the most sustainable and innovative way. As well as the waste foam, my design is solely composed of materials that would otherwise go to waste. 

In order for these designs to be successful mass produced I would use recycled bailing wire source locally in the UK to replace put it in plastic cable ties

Footwear Concepts:

Developed a range of footwear concepts, visualised on different shoe brands using various materials such as metals, silicones, rubber, plastics and ropes etc. Developing fastenings by using various waste materials, manipulating them to explore new design solutions. 

Zero Waste Interiors Project:

Devised a zero-waste luxury range of surface design samples that utilised waste silk, satin, cotton and neoprene. Researched and developed a range of pleating and surface design techniques to develop interior samples including cushions that could beapplied within a high-end domestic interior.  

Colour, Material and Finish:

when approaching projects I will focus on primary and secondary research, colour trends how the colour communicates, functions and feels. When approaching materials i focus on the performance, sustainability, ethical sourcing, production and manufacturing. When designing i will ever be creating a material, manipulating a material or sourcing a variety of materials to bringing together or ever a combination of all three. With finish i explore textures, trends, functionality and different combinations of materials together. With certain projects i research how i could fully develop a prototype and even mass-produce that product. Doing this helps me explore what will and won't work without diminishing the product/design and it's functionality. 

The Development Process:

After the research process, one of the ways i start the development process is by bringing together waste materials, manipulating and combining them in different ways. This then can translate into colour and material combinations, material exploration, colour analysis, trend forecasting and/or texture analysis.

Colour and material exploration is used throughout the design process, in all my projects to develop colour analysis, colour palettes, sampling, material combinations, drawings and mock ups, all used to develop into final designs.



My work is very much about the interlinking, connecting, form and structure of materials used within a project. I very much enjoy the push and pull of materials the playfulness with colour and finish but an aspect that i also get a lot of fulfilment out of is being creative when approaching shapes, forms and structures of a design. I do this by sometimes taking away all other aspects of the design process from materials to colours etc. Focusing on the structure its self, manipulating and exploring the form and how it can evolve from a plain white piece of paper into an elaborate finished design structure.

Print, Knit, Weave, Embroidery and Fabric Manipulation:

Studying textiles has meant exploring each specialism from print, knit, weave and embroidery allowing me to explore different techniques, processes and equipment within each subject. Here are some of my designs from each specialisms from development pieces, exploring a technique or process, quick ideas to a resolved design.

Please note that the work featured on this website is just a selection from my portfolio not all my designs, final outcomes, products etc are open to the public eye, please contact for more information.